Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Comprehensive PLM, ERP system integration deployed

Zhejiang Fuchunjiang Hydropower designs better with Solid Edge. Water turbine power generation manufacturer eliminates assembly and fit tolerance errors with Solid Edge. The company completed its move from 2D to 3D in a timely matter and increased designers’ productivity.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Create Manufacturing Automation in NX 9.0 CAM Using Process Studio Author

Many people like to navigate quickly in software by using wizards that prompt you through a step by step process…next…next…finish.  

NX CAM comes with four out of the box wizards found by clicking the Manufacturing Wizard Icon on the resource bar:

  • Rest Milling Wizard
  • Express Milling Quick Start
  • Mold Z-level wizard
  • Cavity Milling tool sequence
Where do these Wizards come from and what do they do?

The wizards are created using the Process Studio Author that has been available for NX CAM users for some time. This software was not part of the installed software in NX 8.5 and earlier as it was a 32-bit version that is available from the GTAC download site. However, it is now part of the standard install in NX 9.0 for Manufacturing.

Express Milling quick start wizard

This wizard takes you step-by-step to create an operation in NX CAM.  This is very useful for users new to NX CAM or to help create programming standards for your company.
What do you need to get started?

Create a Wizard

The following steps create a wizard to set Work Coordinate System and Stock.

1. Click on Start->All Programs->Siemens NX 9.0->Manufacturing -> Process Studio Author

2. Click on File ->Open and browse to NX 9 installation directory then go to \MACH\resource\wizard\ and select mill_startup_1.xml then press Open

3. Click on File -> Save As and name “mill_startup_test” then click the create button

4. Click on Edit->Information for current Process

5. Rename Title Field to Milling Setup

6. Delete 6 items shown below by clicking the delete key.

7. Drag the Finish Step to the same line as shown below and right click on customizable item, click create connector, then click once on the finish box.

8. Click on File -> Save.
9. Click File -> Validate Process to check for errors
10. Close NX if open then start a new session in NX.
11. Open an NX CAM part
12. Click on the Manufacturing Wizard tab of the resource manager and you should see your new wizard there

Run the wizard and the wizard will automate the creation of the MCS and Blank.

Matt Beisel
Application Engineer
Swoosh Technologies

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Solid Edge helps speed the design process for supercritical pressure boilers

L&T MHI Boilers design better with Solid Edge. Pressure boiler manufacturer for power generation plants reduces design time 40 percent and eliminates part collisions. Faster BOM generation contributes to shorter design cycles.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Engineering services provider significantly improves its competitive advantage

Elektroschit-EM designs better with Solid Edge. Electrical engineering services and manufacturing company uses using synchronous technology to reduce design times by 80 percent compared with traditional history-based modeling. The company also credited the technology with enhancing its reputation and new competitive edge.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tips & Tricks: Calculate Machining Time with the simple UDE in NX CAM

Follow these steps to add this simple UDE to a post processor to calculate Machining Time in NX CAM:
  • Start Postbuilder.
  • Select the custom command tab
  • Select the Create option
  • Right mouse button on the new custom command and rename it. To PB_CMD_estimated_machine_time.
  • Highlight everything in the right window, as displayed below.
  • Once every thing is highlight, select the delete key.
  • Select the lines below:
proc PB_CMD_formatted_machining_time { } {
#This Custom Command will output the estimated machining time

global mom_machine_time

set hours [format %2.0f [expr [format %2.0f $mom_machine_time] / 60]]
set minutes [format %2.0f [expr $mom_machine_time - 60 * $hours]]

MOM_output_literal "Estimated Machining Time:HOURS:$hours MINUTES:$minutes"

  • Copy the lines selected above and paste the lines into the right side of the dialog. It should appear like this:
  • Select the Program Tab
  • Select the Program End Sequence 

  • Select the name of the custom command you just created. In this case it should be PB_CMD_estimated_machine_time
  • Select the Add block option
  • Drag the command after the rewind stop code.

This will add the machining time to the end of the CNC program after your stop rewind code. The time must appear at the end of the CNC program in order to receive an accurate time. The custom command calculates the time as the tape is being generated.

Brian Brown
Application Engineer
Swoosh Technologies & Solutions

Monday, January 13, 2014

Registration is Now Open for Solid Edge University 2014

Sign up to attend Solid Edge University now!

Join Swoosh Technologies, Siemens PLM, and your fellow Solid Edge users this May, in Atlanta, Georgia and be among the first to see the enhancements which are being delivered in Solid Edge ST7.

Attend dozens of technical sessions delivered by some of the best and brightest Solid Edge experts, and best-in-breed application partners. Increase your Solid Edge product knowledge, learn new ways to improve your personal productivity, and return to work with an ability to re-imagine what's possible.

Take advantage of the low early bird registration rate for this premier annual event. Register before February 28th and save $100.00. You may also want to consider adding the Design Management workshop to your agenda this year.

We look forward to seeing you this spring!

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Solid Edge and Razor Design Challenge

Show off your creativity and innovation with a design challenge from GrabCAD. Solid Edge, KeyShot, and Razor USA come together to deliver this amazon opportunity. It's simple: just think RADICAL and use your skills and creativity to design a unique three wheel, body powered scooter.

The goal is to design for efficient production and low cost manufacturing. Create your innovative design in Solid Edge, render it inside KeyShot, and upload it to the GrabCAD challenge page. You can be among the 10 entries to win amazing prizes such as cash prizes, licenses of Solid Edge and KeyShot, and a Razor PowerWing Scooter. Get started today!

Get the details of the challenge here.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Standardizing on Solid Edge significantly improves customer satisfaction and helps win new business

CCP Contact Probes designs better with Solid Edge. Using synchronous technology, precision semiconductor testing probe manufacturer makes design changes in 5 seconds vs. 1 to 2 hours and reduces analysis time to 2 hours from 2 days when compared to previous history-based modeling.

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